Character Biography

Figure and Motion, Character Biography

The country of Lutar is in a Civil War over power when the King and Queen have their beautiful baby girl, Adaeze; the certificate reads December 1st 1792, 12:00 a.m.- Lutar’s Independence Day.

Since the country is one of the most poor in the world there was only one hospital around the King and Queen, the next one was about one hundred and seventy miles South. This hospital was small and was run by people who made less than what they needed and worked long hours. At the hospital the King and Queen had their own luxurious suite just incase they needed to be at the hospital; the room had gold molding and red walls, the room fit for a king.

The King and Queen were known as the most handsome and most beautiful in the country, each with blond hair and robins egg blue eyes. The Queen had flawless skin and perfectly curly hair ad the King still had a head of hair on his own head that everybody wanted. They gave birth to a beautiful princess which they named Adaeze, she had small, thin blond hair on her head and had the same robins egg blue eyes.

The King and Queen were so worked up over the birth of their new child they had tears of joy as the nurse took her away to be cleaned. When she came back with the child the tears filled their eyes as they looked at her and finally they took the baby home. Although, little did they know the nurse that took care of them was against the King and Queen, as everybody was, the nurse had switched the princess with the farmer’s baby with baby blue eyes. The farmer and his wife knew and was willing to switch to get back at the King and Queen for neglecting their country for years. The King and Queen went on living their lives with the baby and neglecting their people as the farmer started raising a princess with the rest of the people of Lutar.

Adaeze grew up knowing nothing but war and farming. They owned the largest farm in the country so the farmer, Noah, and his wife,  Opal, were always at work. When Adaeze turned 3 she started taking care of animals and riding around with Noah on the tractors. She had heard stories of the King and Queen and started hating them for not taking care of their country and people. By the time Adaeze was 12 she was cutting the crops and slaughtering the pigs- she didn’t know anything else. Adaeze had learned the little schooling they had how the King and Queen had been the ‘all-mighty,’ and had to do a pledge to them, but she never said it. Although the Civil War had stopped when she was around 5, another one started when she was 17 and when she turned 18 she had decided to go to war against the people defending the King and Queen because she hated them so. While at war she learned a lot about at war and how the King and Queen act and how little they do for their people.

At one time Adaeze got badly injured with an arrow to the arm, while in the hospital she had the same nurse she had when she was born, not like she knew, and the nurse didn’t tell her so she didn’t ruin the switch. Adaeze healed completely and wanted to go back to war but Noah and Opal talked her out of it. She had stayed at the farm to take care of the animals for Noah who couldn’t walk as well now-a-days.

When Adaeze turned 20 Noah and Opal sat her down and told her that in reality she was the Kings and Queens daughter and the whole story. As they told Adaeze her robins egg blue eyes glared with anger and her face went stiff, Noah and Opal had never seen her so upset, they have never seen the princess so upset.

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