Line Work Around the Human Figure


3D Design, Necklace Line Project, Wire and Metal 

This line work project creates a cohesive work in which formal and conceptual elements combine together around the human figure to create a single, beautiful, meaningful piece.

My piece is a necklace that displays the elephant and what it stand for. The elephant on the forehead brings a new idea to the typical necklace, it is meant to be a focal point to draw your eye to first then as you keep you looking you see the circle at the bottom of the necklace with the word ‘strength’ put into the circle- because that is what elephants stand for. The beads around the necklace are randomly placed and are not only for decoration, but the beads also show the multiple ways to be strong as it is different for different individuals.

The necklace is cohesive because all the parts connect making it united. Formal elements included in my piece are line, shape, space, color, texture. As the conceptual elements in my necklace are the ideas and preliminary drawings before making the necklace. The figure ground relationship in my necklace is a 50/50 relationship making the necklace stand out but equaling the amount of the human figure.

The most abstract part of my piece is in the circle where it spells ‘strength.’ This is the highest dichotomy between figure and abstract because you can not read the word that well unless you know what you are looking for but it still is noticeable. The metaphor in my piece is that there are many ways to be strong. Although this metaphor is in my piece it is not oblivious at all because people would think the beads are for decoration not for a purpose.

If I had to grade myself on my own craftsmanship I would give myself a ‘B.’ i would give myself a ‘B’ because it has glue in the back and some of the wire bends. I believe the most distracting element is the word ‘strength’ in the circle because it is not perfectly in the circle and the different letter sizes. The patterns in this necklace is most obvious in the back part where the head and neck pieces connect, it is a braided wire with 4 pieces and contain the beads. Another less obvious pattern is the wire that is around the neck because it is the same size and shape all around.

The necklace works well as a whole because the same motion that is created on the top head part of the necklace is similar to the bottom neck part of the necklace. This gives a sense of similarity within the piece and connecting the two together. The aesthetic of this necklace is high because the beads, and pendant. The beads and pendant go together and both have a similar design to them connecting them.

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