Figure Drawing Journal: Week 2

Figure and Motion, Figure Drawing Journal, Week 2

Out of all the projects in the journal this week, I believe I was most successful in my neck and clavicle muscle drawings. After doing those drawings I had understood how the body all works and moves together. Within doing that drawing I had gotten the names of the muscles into my head so when talking about it a few might come up.

I found the faces on the post it notes the most difficult task this week; I found it most difficult because it was difficult to limit myself to only four glances down as I am trying to draw an accurate face. But threw this project I had learned to look at the subject I am drawing more than my drawing to get the basic shapes down before getting all the details.

What went good this week was the people drawings; although I don’t think it is up-to-par, I believe I had improved in my drawings  by getting the real body shape. This became more successful, I believe, because I had the individual in front of my while doing a task that didn’t require much movement, such as doing homework, so I could capture all the wrinkles and folds in clothes and facial expressions.

I feel as if the task I have to continue working on is drawing the human face accurately. I feel as if my drawings may be accurate but as if I am not getting it correct. To get better at drawing faces I will have my people study be focused on faces and/or facial expressions.


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