Caricature2.jpg  Caricature2.jpg

Figure and Motion, Caricature, 11″ x 13″, Illustrator and Photoshop

Drawing these caricatures showed my ability to use a variety of techniques in rendering the human figure.

A caricature is a drawing with a disproportioned facial features. While making this project I had drawn multiple different variations of caricatures including ones with an oversized forehead, an oversized chin, an oversized smile, an oversized nose and finally with oversized eyes. But the best one was the oversized eyes caricature.

Doing this project helped my drawings in multiple ways: helping me understand facial features, how to render a human face, how to transport something from a drawing to the computer, and to put something from the computer back to print. Doing this caricature project helped my brain understand when something is disproportionate while drawing the face, although this project took it to extremes it still helped understand the facial proportions. Rendering a human face by putting the image on the computer and render the image to make it look three dimensional. Adding gradients to the image gave it a three dimensional look instead of a 2 dimensional look.

This project helped me understand how a drawn image could be put onto the computer, transformed, and colored to possibly create a character for an animation. This will come in use later in my Digital Media and Animation courses as I might use this caricature for an animation.

Post Critique Write-Up

Following the critique I had decided to change my line weight on some aspects of my caricature. I had learned how changing the line weight could transform the image to make it seem alive; adding darker lines can show edges and corners, but could also show weight on one spot. Take for instance the lips, the bottom lip had a darker, thicker line weight to show the weight and shadow on the lips.

I also learned that shadows could be a big part in refining a face. Doing this can make the image more 3D looking. Although I didn’t shadow my image, the layers I have with the hair over the face and the hair behind the ear it gives it a semi-3D look.

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