Figure Drawing Journal: Week 1

Figure and Motion, Figure Drawing Journal, Week 1

I feel most comfortable with my skills in gesture drawing. I enjoy gesture drawing because it helps my brain understand what I am drawing and helps me proportion my drawings well.  Gesture drawings brings life to the image that I am drawings and makes it look more realistic.

 The aspect of figure drawing in which I would like to improve is drawings of the face and facial features. This part of figure drawing is a challenge to me because when I try to draw all of the facial features together it does not turn out looking like a person, instead it looks dysfunctional and unrealistic. To overcome this problem I will keep practicing where the facial features are in relation to the head, practice each feature and eventually master facial features.

I will use my gesture drawing skills to improve my facial features in my drawings to help me ensure the sizes, distances, proportions, and shading is correct.

I will measure my improvement by drawing a face with all the features and shaded and then practice my drawings then every week I will redraw the same face and see for any improvement. While I am drawing the face again I will not look at the drawing from last week to not regain any of the mistake I had made the previous week.

This will sound crazy, but in my Art History class we had to read chapter one in our History of Western Art and the thing that stood out to my the most was King Tut’s tomb from ancient times. This interested me because of the beauty of the tomb and it is made of complete gold meaning it has a high material worth. Although the design is a simple one, it is beautiful because of the balance, simplicity, and harmony the tomb has. What interested me the most was the reason they made the tombs so identical to the person and so beautiful; it is because they wanted their souls to return into their body when the souls came back, that is also the reason they mummified the dead.

An artist I admire is a man I found while searching art on the internet, his name is Utrum. He is a German artist who loves what he does. What he does that I admire is his work with underwater scenery, the way he reflects the sunlight in the water is admirable. Visit His Website

I do not have a specific medium I would want to improve upon except for just experimenting with new materials. I have not had much experimentation but when doing the model drawings I will try new, different materials that I have before.

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