Final Project

Final Project final9

2D Design, Final Project, 10″ x 18″, Photoshop

Identify a message using the relationship between symbols and metaphors to create a meaningful poster. refine patterns using symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, changing the scale to create depth. Incorporate the golden ratio into your final design. The lettering must incorporate a three demential knowledge of space.

For our final project we used space, symbols, metaphors, patterns, depth, and the golden ratio to construct a meaningful poster. Although our poster can be interpreted multiple ways, we made it to show that people in the Earth are born free, but are ‘sucked’ into being the free that the we are given. The elements in our poster, mostly the background and tornado, engages the viewer to keep looking at the image and to create their own meaning to the image by using their curiosity to understand the image. Our image has flow, because it makes your eye move around the image without any distractions or disruptions. Although the image has flow, it also has structure otherwise the image would be a mess; the structure is with the tornado because of the stability of the tornado.

The principles included in our design are balance, harmony, rhythm, proportions, unity, and order. This image contains balance within the top half of the image and bottom half; both halves include a big part of the image, the top half has the top of the word tornado and bird, as the bottom half includes the whirlpool in which the tornado starts as well as the start of the tornado. Harmony is in the image where the tornado is made out of all the same fonts, sizes, and words to give an uncomplicated look at the piece. Rhythm is all over the piece; the dove has rhythm in the symmetry to create the bird, the tornado had rhythm because it uses the same colors within the tornado and the chaos in the tornado caused movement, the background has  consistency in the colors creating rhythm. Proportion is in the image because of the bird and tornado- if the tornado was any smaller or the bird bigger the bird would look too powerful. Also, if the tornado was any bigger it would stifle out the bird. The whole image contains unity because all of the colors fit together making it not look out of place. Finally, order is in the piece because any other way the piece would be set up would not make sense.

The hidden relationship in the book Design by Nature: Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design, by Maggie Macnab, is referring to the geometric rations of phi as the golden rectangle and the golden spiral- also known as the golden ratio. Our image goes by the rules set by the golden ratio because our image is not set right in the middle. Our image’s background and word tornado makes the eye move around the image starting in the bottom left corner and moving to the bottom right corner, to the right side, to the top left corner- seeing the complete image.

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