Flamingo Drawings

final flamingo

flamingo side flaimingo front flamingo back flakmgn front 34 flaimngo back 34 final top

Foundations, Final Part 2, 11″ x 14″, Graphite on Bristle Board

My final project will be of a lamp that is turned into a flamingo. For the part two of the final project, it is to draw the creature in a 3/4′s view with graphite on bristle board paper along with six other drawings in the sketchbook to understand the proportions, shape, and details. The six other sketchbook drawings are (in left to right order) side view, front view, back view, 3/4 front view, 3/4 back, and top. The drawings in the sketchbook helped understand the shape, proportions and looks of the flamingo.

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