Wire Project

ElephantDrawingKara    ElephantWireKara

Foundations, Wire Form and Drawings, 27″ x 24″ , Wire and Graphite on Bristol Board

The drawing is on the left, as the actual project is the image on the right. The detailed, realistic drawing of the wire sculpture is what the work is based of off. The drawing is made at a three-quarters view to view more of the elephant and used different weight to demonstrate which is closer or farther from the view. In the drawing and project, the repeated circles on the trunk and tusks create unity. The ears balance the piece because of their size, but creates a focal point because of the organic work done in them. The size of the ears are proportional to the face and the trunk and tusks fit the face to look natural. The shape of the face is a square shape done on top of a oval to have the wire able to be hung up on a wall.

The wire project taught me how to draw 3D objects relating to the course because in Digital Media and Animation you have to know how to draw in see threw 3D. This project made me realize how 3D projects look, their scale, their proportion, their balance and their unity. The drawing taught me how to use soft and hard edges while drawing to view the 3D in the drawing.

For me, this project was the most difficult one yet because of the new medium used. I had never used wire to make an object yet so this experience has taught me a lot; some things I learned through this project is how to make 3D drawings, how to use wire, how to photograph 3D transparent objects, and so much more. I had used an elephant because of the beauty of their face and what the elephant stands for: strength, happiness, longevity, and good luck.

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