Andy Goldsworthy

Computer Animation 1, Movie Review, Writing

In River and Tides, a documentary by Andy Goldsworthy art work; he specializes in sculptures made from elements of nature. To him, art is a form of nourishment. His creative process includes waking up early working in nature, even if its cold and dark, and using only his bare hands because gloves are too sticky for nature. He finds pieces of nature and combines it with other pieces of the same type (rocks with rocks) and uses all these pieces to make pieces of art. To do his work, Goldsworthy has to take chances and plan as he goes. One of the choices he had to make was how he was to show his sculptures. He chose to use photography to show his work, he not only used photography to show his work, he uses it to look at and understand what he has made. He says using photography to show his work is a language in itself instead of telling about his sculptures. Another choice he had to make was to be alone while making his art pieces, because he realized things that other people would not. In his work, nature is important to him, he enjoys the ‘flow’ nature has. He says about how people misread nature, it is more than ‘pretty’ there is a darker side to nature. Goldsworthy talks about how the sea and water are important to his work because of the movement, flow, and unity the water contains. He talks about how the flow gives the sculpture movement. Another important thing to him is colors, especially the color red. He talks about how red is the color of iron, and blood and to him, life. Goldsworthy talks about how there are many lessons to learn from the color red mainly because it is the color that is in all things.

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