Yellow Submarine

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Yellow Submarine was a film animated and directed by George Dunning, and was released on November 13, 1968. This film is made to fulfill The Beatles contract of producing a movie, but The Beatles did now want to make a movie so Dunning made an animated version; this film is known as George Dunning’s best known piece. Prior to Yellow Submarine, Dunning oversaw The Beatles cartoon series.

This film is historically important because before Dunning made Yellow Submarine, the movies were straight forward with mild animation- this film changed that. Other that the Popeye  cartoons, there was not much of the ‘unknown’ or different styles of animation. Yellow Submarine was a dream-like, unrealistic, different cartoon that changed animation for the future. The techniques mainly used to make this film was drawing on the film directly, and rotoscoping. The animators used many experimental techniques to make the film because of the lack of money to support the film. Most parts of the film were barely put together: it is said that the part where the sub takes off travels through all sorts of live-action settings, and a park where a statue of a military man appears to tip his hat to you, was all done with postcards.

The Beatles film before Yellow Submarine was Magical Mystery Tour and was more of a music video thought of by McCartney. It is known as an early music video but when aired the viewers found it confusing and plotless. Also, the film was made in color in 1967, and since not many people had color televisions, being unable to see the film correctly. The Beatles film after Yellow Submarine was Let It Be, a documentary of the band in January 1969. This documentary was supposed to show the evolution of an album, but more showed the anger and tension between the band members. Afterwards, Let It Be, because a documentary of their break-up.

This film is unique in the creation of the film is new, exciting, and different from all other films prior. Yellow Submarine became so popular because of the surreal animations with The Beatles music included. The film made a profit when released and was highly admired among animators.

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