John Knecht Lecture

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On October 17th, The Bret Llewellyn Art Galley at Alfred State College was privileged to have John Knecht present his work in his gallery, Considering the Probability of Divine Intervention. This gallery and lecture brought together hand made art work to computer animations. The works in this gallery are hand drawn with a pencil on paper, scanned into the computer and colored, layered, edited, and animated in photoshop. Knecht mentioned how he enjoyed drawing in sequences and is highly interested in color relationships.

Knecht had talked mostly of how artist need to look; he said “it is important to look at as much things as you can” to learn, realize, and visualize new things. He talked about how he enjoyed looking at cave paintings, 13th century books, and wood cuts to learn from. Knecht said to look at outside art, which is art outside of your comfort zone and knowledge; you cant expect to sit and learn then go do it. Finally, he talked about how people have to do it themselves because the results are up to them and only them.

One of his beautiful pieces was on a black background and with flowers blooming, dyeing, and disappearing in spots on the screen; at points he had different objects flying across the screen including bees, fairies, rain, and more. He talked of how this video was multiple loops of everything- from the flowers to the bee’s wings. This video shows how fast time goes by from seeing how fast the flowers weltered after just blooming.

The work presented by John Knecht in “Considering the Probability of  Divine Intervention” highlights new and unusual visuals: a house floating, parallel universe, and more. This lecture said to be a good person and artist you have to find yourself and let your past help you within your artwork.

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