T.V. Poster


Computer Animation 1, T.V. Poster, 6″ x 4″, Photoshop

I asked a number of people what kind of show was their favorite and an overwhelming number of people who picked comedies. Because of this I decided to do a comedy channel, and but Comedy Central was already a network on television so I had tried a multitude of other words that are synonyms of comedy but nothing seemed right. I went with my gut and left it easy and made the station Comedy Channel. To make my logo for my channel I had used the to “C”s from my network name and transformed them into a design. I had used regular typeface and bold typeface to differentiate between the words. For my network logo I used the typeface Khmer MN because it was a ‘funny’ text that was still legible.

For my television show I had called it That Girl, I originally was going to use a name for the title but too many shows use a name for a title. Thinking about the show I had pictured a teenage girl just moved into a new school and it is a comedy of her days. But because she is new at her school she keeps being called “that girl,” hence the title.

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