Dr. Peter Rothbart Lecture

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Dr. Peter Rothbart came to Alfred State College, Engineering Technology Building Room 215, on September 17th, 2013 to talk about music in films. Dr. Rothbart is a professor of Electroacoustic Music at Ithaca College School of Music. When he was a professor, two of his students have won Emmy Awards, nine won Grammy Awards, and he has wrote music for plays in Ithaca. Dr. Rothbart’s main topic was film, sound and its role in production. The lecture, “Exploring the Synergy of Film and Music” included video/film clips to show how sound influences films.

 Dr. Peter Rothbart talked about film and the three components in any film: music, dialogue, and sound effects. But he focused on music and said that the best way to enhance movies is to use music to manipulate your emotions. He also mentioned the eight ways music can enhance an image in movies, including enhance emotion, effects, sonic glue, bring you to an emotion and more.

Some points of the lecture that I found interesting was how little people really thought about the music in production. If you think about it- it is almost always there. Music has so much effect and enhancement in production and people are so used to it that they dont even realize it.

I can apply this lecture from Dr. Peter Rothbart to my Into to Visual Communication class because music is a kind of communication and people use and learning different kinds of communication is important to expand my mind. I can apply this lecture to the Digital Media and Animation course because eventually I will be making animation videos and visual music videos so this lecture about music taught me how and why to use music in my productions.

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