Abstract Animation

Abstract Animation from Kara Johnson on Vimeo.

Survey of Animation, Abstract Animation, Video Movie, 9 Seconds

In my abstract animation was trying to communicate what the song in the background says to me as an individual, but may mean different things to different people. To me, the abstract animation is an overpowering figure going against smaller figures, then getting overpowered, and then moving away from the smaller figures. My theory of abstraction is that imagination is key to abstraction; you can not make an abstract animation without some animation.

For my abstract animation I used cut-out animation because it was a type of animation that was most creative with the shapes included. I did this by creating a vertical white background by pinning paper onto a bulletin board, cutting out the shapes and using tape to put the shapes on the paper. I had made my camera up higher by placing it on objects in my room to take even, uninterrupted images. I had taken multiple images of shapes in different areas moving different ways and put them in a way to which they would flow for the movie. Then i cropped every image the same length and width and added my favorite part of “If the Moon Fell Down Tonight,” by Chase Coy, to finish the visual music animation.

My visual music was inspired by Oskar Fischinger when he created his piece, Optical Poem in 1937. His piece was visual music just as mine but he did his whole piece using pieces of paper on strings. This inspired me because of how much he went threw to get one visual music movie done and this piece ended up being very successful and is known as one of his major milestones in his career.

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