David Lance Goines Inspired

Ellose 1Ellose 22

2D Design, Goines Inspired, 11″ x 14″, Photoshop

Create a symbolic design that expressed who you are. Show a geometric and organic representation of the design, one in an open composition the other in a closed composition.

The geometric shapes on the left image have a mechanical man made precision. The complimentary colors from the background and rose cause a more graceful flow around the image but in the rose the multitude of red hues cause a fast, abrupt eye movement.  The geometric image is open causing your eye to go up the image threw the truck. The organic rose on the bottom image create less noise within the image and help your eye flow threw the image. The black frame around the green background creates a closed image making the eye move within the picture plane, emphasizing the static quality of the design.

My geometric image enphanizses the rose because of the importantance of it, the rose symbolizes love. The ‘steam’ and ‘leaves’ of the rose are an elephants truck and ears symbolizing happiness. The symbol is a big representation of my life as a whole because all I need in life is love and happiness. The geometric image is my favorite because of the way everything flows, but the organic image shows character. My inspiration was David Lance Goines piece “Carducci & Herman Landscape Architects” which only included seven colors, in which I tried to keep this simplicity in my images.

Compare and Contrast to an Artist

images My work was inspired by David Lance Goines’s piece “Carducci & Herman Landscape Architects.” A similarity between our pieces is that it two images that come together and make one image- he did this with a branch and a shovel, as i did with a rose and elephant parts. Although our images are similar, they are different in that my image uses brighter colors as David Lance Goines uses earth tones.

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