Expressing Pattern as Design

Butterfly 1

2D Design, Pattern as Design, 10″ x 15″, Ink and Pencil

The four images create a closed image with balance and unity. I made the butterfly high contrast to enhance the butterfly. The wings themselves have branching patterns because they are the same on both sides and contain energy. The patterns inside the wings are packing patterns because everything is perfectly in its place.

A butterfly was my choice because of its mulitple patterns and beautiful detail. I put my cut out image over orange paper to add warm color within the piece.

Compare and Contrast to an Artist

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 10.39.02 AMDuffy & Partners

Duffy & Partners is an advertising company that made designs for the Bahamas. We were similar in that we started with a simple design then grew into a different, more detailed design. Although our design steps are similar, I had different layout within my butterfly such as the cut out image and the realistic drawing.

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