Darrin Martin

Computer Animation I, Lecture Write-Up, Writing

I went to a lecture by Darrin Martin, this lecture as September 10th, 2013 in the Engineering Technology building room 2015. Martin’s main topic was how he felt, heard, or saw when his ear surgery had been unsuccessful. The lecture, “My Other, Myself” included videos, documentaries, photographs, and sounds to depict what he went threw.

Martin had mentioned what happened in his failed surgery; he said the bones in the middle of his ear were freezing because of calcium build-up. The operation on his ear canal failed causing him to go deaf in one side. This failed operation caused his perspective to alter, his balance to be off, and his sounds to change.

Martin talked about how he enjoyed media, sculpture, perception, and is interested in the history of Deafness. Some points about the lecture that I found interesting were his documentary of ‘corner frequencies,’ that for a while to him different placements of corners had different sounds. I also found that the documentary “The Casts” grabbed me because people had to figure out what the object in their hands were without looking and i was surprised at how well the people described the shapes.

This lecture from Darrin Martin applies to my digital media and animation course work by the documentaries he had made because at some point i will learn to make movies and documentaries. I can apply Martin’s lecture to my computer animation 1 class because he had added multiple photoshop effects to his pictures and movies changing the colors, and perspective just like I am learning right now in computer animation 1.

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